Re-Discover Chorus Hyperspace

Developed in co-operation with renowned Trance DJ & producer Sean Tyas, Quadrachor takes chorusing to a whole new level. Inspired by what's considered as one of hardware's most characterful and powerful Choruses, we bring you a plugin that will undoubtedly be your next go-to Chorus, making even the simplest single sawtooth wave into a sound so big and wide, that you'll wonder if you'll truly need any unison/hypersaw/supersaw oscillator again.


  • Makes your sound wider, bigger, better
  • Developed in co-operation with Sean Tyas
  • Inspired by one of hardware world's favorite Choruses
  • Seamlessly resizable interface
  • Low CPU Usage (typically less than 1% on modern systems)
  • Fully Intel & Apple Silicon hand-optimized code


  • Windows VST 32/64Bit (for Windows XP or better)
  • Mac AU/VST (Universal Binary for 10.9 or better)

Audio Demos

Have a listen to QuadraChor's capabilities. All demos were post-processed with QuadraChor only.

Tryout Version

You may download QuadraChor and try it out as long as you want. The Tryout version silences the output for 1 second every 10 seconds and does not retain parameter settings. All other functionality is available in the Tryout Version.

Windows VST V1.0.1 (32/64Bit) | Mac AU/VST V1.0.1 (Intel & Apple Silicon) | Manual | PURCHASE VIA SHAREIT.COM



"I just tried it on a saw wave. Holy shit bro this is magical. UNREAL. I absolutely love the sound of it. With some width it's MASSIVE. This is THE chorus we've all been waiting for as a plug-in."

Giuseppe Ottaviani

"Just tested it. It's insane. I never use chorus plugins because they all suck. This one is a great surprise, seriously."

Hugh Tolland

"Quadrachor is a bit of revelation in the software chorus space. Sure there are nice chorus plugins around, but even the best are pretty limited and tame (mostly based on particular types of old hardware we've heard to death). This changes things up. It's sonically unique, powerful, versitile and can breathe excitement and character into just about any source you throw at it. Think you need to spend hours layering to make your sounds big? Well, I'd argue that this is what we've all been craving and will give you cleaner, more detailed and outright better sounding results without the layering."

David Elston (Regenerate/Surgikal/Fables)

"I have a number of synths that sounded okay with they 30+ voices of unison, I reduced this all to 1 and QuadraChor and it's way better."

James Dymond

"Sick man! I really like it so far it's defo better than any other chorus plugin! Arachnachor mode works wonders with a big super saw sound."

Metta & Glyde

"The best way to describe this plugin? A chorus on steroids. From subtle thickening and widening of sounds to all out mangled musical destruction! QuadraChor can do it all. Totally unique! It'll be the only chorus you'll ever need. We love it!"

Alex di Stefano

"This thing is savage man! I'm mixing a track and on a lead I need some chorus and i said let's try this QuadraChor, and ha! It's crazy this thing, I'll use it for sure on my next projects and I also think it'll be useful for doing crazy things."


"I'm using extensive effects with my music and chorus was always one of my most favorite. What makes QuadraChor stand out is the simple fact that's it's designed by a producer for producers."

Enigma State

"Quadrachor is a game changer. It's a chorus plugin like no other that I've ever used before. It can take the most subtle of sounds and completely transform it into something incredibly powerful. Just load up a straight saw wave and hear it come to life. Even sounds that you wouldnt normally use just sound unbelieveable! Who needs Unison when you have Quadrachor?!"

Mark Sherry

"If you don't get this pluggo added to your studio armoury then you're seriously going to miss out, it's an absolute weapon and i've only just skimmed the surface of it so far! It's going to be perfect for my trance and techno productions... It's a really savage BEAST!"

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